Infusion Pump Model: EH737

Semi-squeeze technology and high precision;
  1. Infusion Pump Model: EH737


1. Semi-squeeze technology and high precision;

2. ATM type key operation which is simple and convenient; 

3. Clear & obvious screen information with huge LCD; 

4. 4-type infusion modes: drip/minute, ml/h, time, weight; 

5. Built-in pre-setted 15 types of infusion sets;

6. 1ml/h---1200ml/h flow rate which comply with different requirement of pediatirc, ICU, CCU, clinic, etc. 

Applicable to ICU, NICU, Ward, Emergency department, operation room, clinic and home use. 

Suitable for adult, child and neonatal patients. 


4 infusion modes

Flow-rate,   Time-amount, Drop-rate, Body-weight

Flow-rate mode

Flow-rate: 1.0~1200.0   ml/h, 0.1ml/h step

Preset volume:

0.1~9999.9ml,0.1ml step


0~9999.9ml,reset only

Time-amount mode

Time:   1s~99h59m59s,1s step

Drop-rate mode

Drop-rate: 1~333   d/min, 1 d/min step

Body-weight mode

Dose: 0.1~999.9   mg, 0.1mg step

mg/kg/h: 0.01~999.99   mg/kg/h, 0.01 mg/kg/h step

Body-weight: 1~300   kg, 1kg step

KVO function

KVO rate: 1.0~5.0   ml/h, 0.1 ml/h step

Bolus function

Bolus rate: 50.0~800.0   ml/h, 0.1 ml/h step

Bolus volume: 0.1~99.9   ml/h, 0.1ml step

Infusion precision

Better than ±5%   (using a calibrated or a special   infusion set)


1,Air in tube, 3 grades of     sensitivity;                        2,Bubble sensor fault;

3.1,Upper-end occlusion,   -20~-60   kPa,8 grades of sensitivity;  3.2,Upper-end base-pressure fault;

4.1,Lower-end occlusion, 20~140   kPa,8   grades of sensitivity;   4.2,Lower-end base-pressure fault;

5.1,Pump rotation   fault;                                    5.2,Inverse-infusion;

6,Abnormal   door-opening;                                7,Low   battery power, battery fault;

8,Overtime   pause;                                         9,Completed   infusion;

10,AC power   fault;                                          11,MCU   fault, and stop infusion

Data function

1,Memory of   calibration: Records the calibration data   of tube automatically for   application;

2,Memory of   parameter: Records the latest infusion   parameter for next operation;

3,Historical   records: records latest 1000 infusion   events.

(what/when/why,flow-rate,   etc.)

Safety   classification

Class I; Internal   power supply, CF type, IPX4 equipment

Power supply

AC 100~240V,   50/60Hz, Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable   battery

AC power   consumption: ≤20VA

Weight and size