Nutrition Feeding Pump Model: AMK635

Worldwide leading semi-squeeze technology and high precision to provide the infusion line flexibility and flow rate accuracy long time to ensure therapeutic effect of nutrition.



Precise infusion

Worldwide leading semi-squeeze technology and high precision to provide the infusion line flexibility and flow rate accuracy long time to ensure therapeutic effect of nutrition.

Easy to use

Humanization digital buttons, simple menu function, infusion parameters is displayed withlarge LCD screen. Every place of our careful design makes the infusion more convenient.

Reliable and safe

Additional set of bubble alarm design (double bubble alarm) ensure more secure infusion.
Advanced safety design able to stop infusion and alarm even if the CPU damage, the patients and the medical staff can use it safely.

Constant heating

Infuse nutrition in constant temperature intimately to make patients more comfortable

Drip evenly

Unique patented technology, drip evenly at drip cup, patients are more easy and trust.

Four infusion modes

Speed mode, drip rate mode, time mode, weight mode, more clinical option.

Operation record

Easy to check historical operation records and can not be deleted

Wireless networking

Adopting the professional custom wireless network, it’s simple & makes network group automatically.The nurses station real-time supervise the infusion status and reduce the workload by detection in time to ensure the safety of infusion