Warranty & service

Warranty & service

In order to protect the interest of customers and to give customers better after sale service, please read the following carefully.

i)    The content and period that need to be warranted:

1. The content: Manufacturer/Supplier will be responsible for defects in workmanship & materials and the problem is due the quality of the product if the user use product exactly according to the manual and in the period of warranty. Manufacturer/Supplier’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair, any part that upon Manufacturer/Supplier’s examination proves defective.

2. The period: 12 months (6 months for accessories and exclude expendable) from shipment date.

ii)   In the following cases, Manufacturer/Supplier do not provide quality warranty of our product

1. Not operate product according to the manual.

2. Beyond the warranty period.

3. Caused by modification or repair by anyone except Manufacturer/Supplier or Manufacturer/Supplier designated person; from which Manufacturer/Supplier’s original serial number tag or product identification markings have been altered or removed.

4.Not use the parts that were not manufactured by Manufacturer/Supplier.

5. Without the permission of Manufacturer/Supplier, restructure the product.

6. Product is damaged due to typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake, war and other force, which cannot be resisted by human power.

iii)  The method of validity

If find any problem, please contact the sales whose appointed to service you. The sales are responsible for informing the problem to Manufacturer/Supplier’s technical department and it will valid after the technician conform it.

iv)  Return and Freight

Be sure confirmed with Manufacturer/Supplier before any return machine and/or parts, to avoid problem.

1. Within Warranty: The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges, includes custom charges when the equipment and/or parts is shipped to Manufacturer/Supplier for service. Manufacturer/Supplier are responsible for the freight & insurance charges from Manufacturer/Supplier’s to the customer.

2. After Warranty: The customer is responsible for any freight & insurance charges.

v)   Technical Training

Manufacturer/Supplier provides free service training to the technical personnel from the Agent/Distributors with respect to the products and will further provide technical assistance via e-mail or fax as requested by the Agent/Distributors. The training will be performed at site in Shenzhen China. The transportation and accommodation expenses are on the Agent/Distributors' account.

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